Current Trends in Contract Development

Corrosion Under Insulation

Stefan Winnik, author of EFC55 Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI ) Guidelines, has retired and entered into an agreement with KAEFER to ensure the continuation of his successful CUI training course and knowledge
share.New trainers Dr Clare Watt and Dr Steve Paterson continue in the spirit of Stefan and EFC55 and have brought the course content up to date.

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Improving Project Delivery

ENERGY IMPROVING PROJECT DELIVERY Requires Implementing both a Planning and Execution Logic Contributor Website The industry belief is that projects cannot be done faster. They believe the delivery of projects cannot be shortened because of uncertainties and the fact organizations have limited shared resources. We appreciate that reducing cycle times in large complex projects is … Continued

Well Plugging & Abandonment

This 3-day master-class seminar will cover in-depth on the topic of well plugging and abandonment, an essential step of the decommissioning phase when well integrity must be assessed, repaired – if needed – and assured for a long time into the future.

Project Delivery Executive Summit 2019

After all, planning is a one-time activity whereas execution happens every day, planning decisions are centralized in a few hands whereas execution decisions are distributed across the organization, and, most importantly, unlike planning, there is no luxury of time for detailed analysis in execution. This event will highlight the latest advances in scheduling and decision support technology as well as best practices that go beyond planning, and deal with the realities of execution.

GDP Inspection Trends and Challenges in Transport

Maintenance and Reliability Trends for 2019

Why should non-financial executives care about financial aspects?

From identification & management of EPC contract risks to reduction of project costs

From identification & management of EPC contract risks to reduction of project costs   By Fleming.| 01/03/2019   We sat down to meet prestigious Keynote Speaker Jose Pires who serves as Founder & President of Global Excellence & Innovation, and as an advisor for startups, scaleups and Fortune 500 companies. Read his answers below on 3 … Continued