Quality & Regulatory Requirements for Drug Device Combination Products

This course will cover the definition of combination products, EU regulatory pathways, and will explain the current state of developments as medical device manufacturers and marketing authorisation holders prepare for the new requirements.

Pump Reliability: Operation & Maintenance for Centrifugal Pumps

This 4 half days master-class workshop will provide a comprehensive, in-depth review of achieving excellence in pump operation and maintenance – always with the end goal in mind of reducing the cost of pump ownership.

Subsea Production Systems

This class will give a very comprehensive overview of the subsea production systems, which is an extremely important part of any oil and gas offshore development.

Operation and Maintenance of Large ASTs

Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) are designed to provide product service for 50 years and beyond, but only if they are properly painted, inspected and repaired.

Manufacturing Processes for Biopharmaceuticals using Bioreactors & Cultivated Cells

The course will provide relevant insights into bioprocesses using cells in bioreactors.

Rig Selection & Inspection

This course will deliver an understanding of selecting the appropriate rig for well construction operations and the recommended inspection practices prior to and during operations.

Directional, Horizontal, Multilateral and Extended Reach Drilling

This course will deliver an advanced understanding of modern directional drilling techniques and the industry standards used in well placement.

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

Join this course to learn about the best practices to identify and control the MIC in your assets and facilities.

Pharma Labelling Best Practices

This course will give participants a solid foundation on product labelling in the life sciences industry by providing a good understanding of the key concepts, an opportunity for sharing knowledge and best practices and provide a forum for discussion amongst peer functions and teams.

Decision Analysis in Drug Research & Development

This course is designed for drug R&D professionals who wish to develop their skills and knowledge in decision analysis, and to use these techniques to drive value and innovation.