Business success through GDPR readiness

Being GDPR compliant might not be optional, but to turn readiness into business success you really have to hit that sweet spot.

These are great tips from some of the top leading speakers at the 6th Annual Conference: Corporate Compliance and Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


“Focus on the business, be pragmatic, reasonable, risk-based and balanced. And get all functions and businesses behind data privacy.”





Thomas Roth, Global Data Privacy Officer
Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany



“Through the GDPR, organizations should create trust by managing personal data responsibly and ethically. This trust will create improved engagement and mutual benefit and lead to business success.”





Michael de Villiers, Healthcare Compliance Lawyer
Roche, Switzerland

“First, full involvement of key stakeholders. Second, choosing the right people to run GDPR in your firm.”


Tomasz Kruk, Head of Compliance
Vifor Pharma, Switzerland


“Build your data governance strategy with a focus on 3 interrelated factors: people, procedure and technology. A well-established data governance will bring faster decision making, efficient implementation and stronger accountability.”


Arielle Hung, Compliance Counsel
Merckgroup, Germany


Join the dialogue and take part in the creation of new initiatives that will become trends in 2018, at the 6th Annual Corporate Compliance & Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Industry this 22nd – 23rd February in Zurich, Switzerland.