Meet CRIF, official partner of the Retail Banking Forum

CRIF is an end-to-end knowledge company, offering a unique combination of credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, credit solutions, ratings, and personal solutions.

Established 30 years ago, what is CRIF today?

From strategies to solutions, CRIF supports its clients in every phase of the customer relationship to achieve growth, mitigate risk, reduce end-to-end processing costs, and be compliant-ready.

CRIF’s mission is to create value by supporting businesses to perform better and consumers to manage their credit health with a comprehensive range of professional skills and solutions.

Specifically, CRIF helps credit supply meet demand by supporting over 6,300 lenders to manage credit more efficiently and effectively as well as providing specific help to millions of consumers and businesses to more easily access credit. CRIF is committed to digital and financial inclusion, working responsibly and compliantly to offer innovative solutions to help give customers improved access to credit, granting digital access and enabling the use of financial services by excluded and underserved people.

Being at the cutting edge, thinking outside the box, widening our view, pursuing excellence, challenging time and embracing worldwide differences are key values for the 4,400 CRIF professionals, who every day with their skills, commitment and passion, serve our clients to help them grow: together to the next level!

As a global company, what are the key factors that influence your growth?

Throughout over 30 years of activity in highly competitive markets, CRIF has grown continuously and now operates across Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

CRIF’s strategy is characterized by increasing investments to position its business lines in global markets and strengthen its presence in fast-growing economies through acquisitions and startups, and in research and innovation, to provide increasingly advanced and high-performance solutions able to anticipate clients’ needs.

Thanks to its recent registration as an AISP with the Central Bank of Ireland, CRIF is now able to support an even greater number of credit institutions and non-financial companies in the provision of more innovative services, at the same time increasing data protection and security. Specifically, through the AISP license, which is valid in Ireland and another 30 European countries, CRIF is able to strengthen its offer to multinational companies thanks to its ability to operate as a truly global player. What’s more, there is the added possibility of integrating with our platform designed to create an ecosystem, with new services which will enable operators and their end customers (consumers and businesses) to obtain maximum added value.

CRIF has always invested in best practices, cutting-edge technologies and certifications in relation to quality and security. A recognized member of industry associations and organizations worldwide, CRIF is included in the prestigious Fintech 100 ranking.

In the Fintech ecosystem, CRIF is positioned as an innovative and agile thinking Fintech company with a digital mindset, and as a Fintech enabler, with a focus on maintaining the best combination of up-to-date services for its customers. CRIF is in a unique position as both Fintech company and Fintech enabler, with a fully Fintech way of thinking and a stable and sustainable market position.

Carlo Gherardi, President of CRIF