HSE Excellence Europe - From zero to the top European HSE event

by Fleming. Team

"The finest HSE event…"


HSE Excellence Europe connects hundreds of attendees every year to remember the importance of a healthy and safe environment. It started as a small event and through the years has grown bigger into the most famous event on HSE in Europe. And it is not a typical kind of event, that's for sure. As our longtime chairman Professor Andrew Sharman says: “Still the finest HSE event on the planet...”


HSE Excellence Europe has it all – knowledge sharing, professionalism, real stories and emotions.

What exactly does this conference represent? Let’s find out.


1. Connection


HSE Excellence Europe shares awareness about health and safe environment all across Europe.



2. Experience


We appreciate our attendees for spending quality time with us. That's why we always prepare something special for them. For example, a guided “tour de Rome” during which our delegates enjoyed a visit of the most famous places like the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps or one of the most beautiful areas – the famous Trastevere neighbourhood.

Site visits – Rome, Italy 2012


3. Will & Determination


When you put together uniqueness and quality, there can be no other output than a success. And that is what HSE Excellence Europe is now: a successful brand.

Prof. Andrew Sharman, Chief Executive Officer of RMS, a global consultancy specializing in organizational safety culture and leadership, Professor of Leadership and Safety Culture at the Centre for Executive Development, (CEDEP) at INSEAD, Paris, France, Professor of Risk Management at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, Vice President of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) and author of the books From Accidents to Zero and Safety Savvy, which are among the global best-selling books on safety culture, has been a part of this exciting journey from the beginning.

Over the years, he became an event ambassador and a trend-setter in the H&S field. Thanks to his optimistic personality, enthusiasm and a talent for creating a great atmosphere, every annual is an unforgettable experience.


4. Balance


Although sharing knowledge is a key core of this event, it's always education connected with funny and emotional moments. You can feel the passion that comes from our chairman, speakers and all members of the project team, and it´s contagious. That's the reason why our delegates like to return.



5. Adventure


Our delegates experience a lot of fun every year, whether it´s a site visit in Vienna or Luxembourg city center, sightseeing in Rome, or an unforgettable cruise on the Vltava river in Prague.


6. Fun


Last year, we celebrated the 10th annual in grand style, including a brilliant networking reception, a little adrenaline during table football matches and of course the best cake ever as a sweet bonus. 🙂 It was mainly this annual that made HSE Europe Excellence the best H&S event in Europe. Now it is a well-known brand that has its ambassadors all over the world.

Fancy 10th annual – Frankfurt, Germany 2016


7. Community




8. Loyalty


And the prize for the greatest loyalty goes to Marek Rolinec, who has attended the event every year. Hope you enjoyed those fancy French bubbles, Marek. 🙂


9. Life Stories


The 6th Annual of HSE Excellence Europe in Rome was one of the most emotional annuals throughout. The first thing you could hear was the sound of the knocking of heels. Actress Emma Currie came in front of the audience, wearing only a sheet, in her iconic red Manolo Blahnik shoes. She shared very emotional story about life in marriage with husband, who suffered a serious working injury.


10. Courage & Strength


After Emma, Jason Anker ruled the atmosphere in room. He was so courageous that he shared his own story that changed his life forever. After he spoke out openly about his accident in work, there was complete silence in the room. A mix of emotions were reflected on the delegates’ faces.


11. Joy


Spending some good time near the Colosseum with Jason.





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