Incidents & Investigation


Muhammad Salim Jandula

BE Mechanical Engineering,
MS Ind. Eng. Mississippi State
University, USA, MBA

What is the first thing to do in the event of an incident?

Urgently inform the immediate Supervisor, secure area for the safety of other people, provide First aid to the affected individual (s) and shift to the hospital for further medical treatment depending on the severity.

What does the incident investigation focus on?

Incident investigation focuses on identifying the root cause of the incident & recommend corrective measures to avoid recurrence of incident in future.

How can employees help to prevent incidents and what should the employer do?

Employees: should report Unsafe Acts / Unsafe conditions / near misses to immediate supervisor / safety personnel to avoid incidents. They  should perform their duties in safe manner complying also with use of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment).

Employer: should provide safe work environment to employees, ensure proper safety training, develop the system to identify workplace hazards and take measures to mitigate risks.