3 insights on the role of VR and AR
 in transforming corporate learning

We prepared an interview with the speakers for the upcoming Corporate Learning & Corporate Universities Conference. Here are their thoughts on the future of VR and AR in corporate learning.

You can join them in Berlin this summer and gain the knowledge you need to make learning accessible through multiple points, at any time and in convenient quantities for every member of your organization. 


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Do you see virtual and augmented reality technologies as the next milestone in Corporate learning or just as an overrated trend with minor long term impact?

“Neither of the two. In L&D we need to stop seeing new tech as a replacement or salvation. AR/VR gives us an opportunity to add extensive immersive simulation to training work tasks, where it makes sense. 

Sense is a keyword for this. It’s not an overrated trend either. It is an extremely powerful training method in the right context. That is not new. Research from the 1980s states that as well.

AR is going to hit us extensively at some point – and it will eliminate the need for a lot of training… But the technology is not ready beyond testing and limited environments right now”

  • Peter Manniche Riber
  • Virtual Learning Specialist
  • Siemens Gamesa

“Virtual and augmented reality technologies will be the basis for the next generation of eLearning. These new technologies allow us to simulate real working environments and will provide a completely new learning experience. Particularly for technical hands-on trainings these new technologies offer new chances for effective skill development, independently from expensive hardware. They combine the positive aspects of traditional eLearning with simulated but almost real working environments to ensure a high transfer of learning. Augmented reality technologies allow users to access relevant information in real time while performing a work task. It will be a great addition to today’s on-the-job training programs.”

  • Arno Onnen
  • Lead Training Specialist
  • GE, Germany

“I think virtual and augmented reality has the potential to have a major impact on the training activities of many companies, including ours. Therefore, it makes sense for corporate learning to consider these technologies. I doubt VR/AR will become a part of every training in the next few years, but it will surely play a greater role in the future – in operational trainings, for example in the fields of engineering and maintenance, where it is already being phased in, most probably even more so”

  • Brendon Eggeling
  • Executive Education Program Manager
  • Deutsche Bahn, Germany

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