Interview with Sudhir Saseedharan, The LEGO Group

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in one of the most famous toy companies? Or what the workspace at LEGO looks like? In this special pre-summit interview with Sudhir Saseedharan, who will be speaking at this year’s SWDS, you will find out what a usual day as Design Manager at LEGO entails, what makes the LEGO workspace unique and special, what was the most amazing LEGO structure that Mr. Saseedharan has ever created and even his most desired superpower. ?

Sudhir Saseedharan is Design Manager of
Global Design & Engagement, Corporate Facilities in the
The LEGO Group

As the Design Lead on global projects, having a critical understanding of what makes a workplace tick in order to help increase productivity & efficiency while driving a user-friendly design is at the core of his work at The LEGO Group.