Investing in Learning the Right Way

Written by: Fleming. Team

Why should you invest in employee learning, and what are the benefits of innovative blended learning?
Tailor-made education with combinations of eLearning courses, in-house training and other formats is highly recommended by experts. Blended learning done well includes proactive volition from learners. Overall, new forms of learning bring unequalled opportunities. There are also occasions where only one channel of education would be suitable.


These are our top seven ways that learning can be a meaningful and constructive experience for everyone involved, yielding optimal real-world results.


1. Self-pacing

By using the new methodology of blended learning, individuals can maximize their learning inside and outside of the traditional classroom venue, meaning that only a small amount of formalized time is used. In this way, learning is less about comparison and more of a fun and enjoyable experience. It is also possible to select whatever education channel or channels are most suitable.

2. Variety

Interacting in different ways provides the opportunity to question things more thoroughly. A learning course taught superficially might not find practical application in the corporate environment. By incorporating varied interactivity, all that hard work and investment can be turned into something which provides value.

3. Absorption

Learning on our own, we tend not to evaluate our teacher, but rather the materials. Personal efforts away from a speaker allow for personal absorption. A course designed with the right outcomes in mind allows the integration of the learnings. This means that multiple attendees still have enough individual time with experts to process everything they need to process.

4. Comfortable Learning

Having the time to examine material on your own gives you the chance to healthily criticize what you study. In the comfortableness of their own space, attendees can really reflect on something. Everyone would agree that critical analysis skills really need developing these days.

5. Taking More Time

The focus on allowing time to comprehend materials, alongside varied ways to digest them, allows real practical benefits from what is studied. The type of soft, undistracted time which you can apply outside of a formal learning environment actually increases our sense of time because we can become more immersed and enjoy things. Ultimately, we go back to the “classroom” able to get more out of that time.

6. Gamification

Gamification is a bit of a buzzword these days, but a course organized in the correct way, allowing for fun and engagement, reaps huge dividends. When we have fun playing a game, we actually learn without realizing it. Use of IT and a variety of methods brings with it the chance to see learning as something which is not just "serious," but also seriously interesting, seriously developmental and seriously fun.

7. The Freedom to Develop

With some combination of e-learning methods, we feel more free to delve deeper to understand something from different angles. Likewise, breeding more fearless employees pays huge dividends. The “new” can only take place when fear does not exist and we step outside of norms: not just accept and copy, no matter how smart the teacher or expert. A mind frightened of what people might say is not a creative mind or free mind. Therefore, learning which has a framework of freedom allows the possibility of bringing that creative freedom to the workplace.