NEBOSH Process Safety Management certification and from Oil & Gas Operational Safety certifications

  • Patrick Casken
  • Health & Safety consultant
  • Armada OSH Ltd (AOSH), United Kingdom

What makes Process Safety Management certificate different from other NEBOSH certifications?


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How can individuals benefit from Process Safety Management certification and from Oil & Gas Operational Safety certification?

Knowledge – The NEBOSH Certificates in Process Safety and Oil & Gas Safety Management are designed to provide a sound breadth of knowledge that will allow the person to contribute to the effective management of process safety risks.

Recognition – This qualifications are the result of a unique collaboration which combines the advanced technical ‘high hazard’ expertise of the HSE, with Industries and with NEBOSH’s ability to deliver strong vocational OSH qualifications. HSE has led the way in risk-based regulation, underpinned by the fundamental principle of UK health and safety law. Industry involvement was important because those who create risks are best placed to control them and should do so in a proportionate and practical way.

Career Prospects – Oil and Gas Safety and Process Safety Management are of vital importance in hazardous process industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals. Holding a qualification designed and assessed by NEBOSH and the HSE can help you stand out