The Most Practical Blockchain Event for Finance

Written by: Fleming. Team

The Blockchain in Finance event, 14-15 March 2018 in Rome, is focused on making financial Blockchain a reality. Speakers from top financial institutions include Piotr Piskorsi of Nordea and Rudi Schmandt of Deutsche Bank, who have already began implementing Blockchain practically, and will provide the steps to make it happen.


How do you select the correct ICO, what is the legality of SMART contract, and how do we overcome Technical Blockchain Obstacles?

Hear from Heads of IT operations from financial institutions including Deutsche Bank, Sberbank, Societe Generale, Rabobank, Bank of Ireland, Commerzbank and ING who will tackle the scaleability, viability and regulatory implications of Blockchain. Piotr Piskorski of Nordea will reveal how to “Adapt Existing architecture for Blockchain Use.”


Special Features

The event will keep your attention in every way over the two days, with interactive features, case studies. group brainstorming, Sli-do electronic polling and more. Practical Blockchain implementation is the focus, with 20+ presentations, 2 roundtable discussions and break-out sessions with speakers.


Future of Blockchain

10% of global GDP is likely to be stored on Blockchain platforms by 2027, and Blockchain strategy is moving from theoretical to practical. The conference will look even closer to the near future, with a special panel discussion “Future of the Ledger: Blockchain in 2020”.


Learn more about blockchain at Blockchain in Finance conference.