Creating a seamless omnichannel customer experience

by Fleming. Team

Interview with Maria Jose Jorda
Head of Customer Experience Transformation



What does a truly omnichannel experience represent in your opinion?

For me, omnichannel means it’s not multichannel, where you have different channels; omni means that all of them are integrated in such a way that it’s seamless for the customer – you don’t even realize if you have asked a question through a chat and then replied via email, or you call the call center and then you receive something at home. We need to have clients identifying with the same idea, we need the infrastructure behind to support a new way of communicating with clients when it is really seamless for a client. Your ideas register and everything that is happening even is it is live moments. We know someone is getting married so that’s why we propose a loan. The way we use the data we have facilitates our communication with clients.

And what was the most challenging part for you and BBVA when adapting to the new needs of the customers – when changing the customer experience?

I don’t think there are new client needs; basic needs of people have always been there, but it’s true that in this era of customer empowerment, it has been very challenging for us to introduce things like design and experience in everything we create. We used to do things like in any other institution, like IT and business, where you decide how to do things, prioritize, create products… Now you have to add the design perspective and the experience,
and this has been a big transformation in the company. But now it’s successful: we are creating products that the customers love. We have, for example, BBVA Compass – it’s one of the leaders in mobile experience, which is very connected to acquisition, so we are very happy with how the
design has been introduced.

Nowadays, customers are so much more informed. Is that challenging for you as a bank or is it more of an opportunity to really bring something better in terms of services and products?

Well, I think it is challenging, but of course it’s an opportunity because in this time of change you need to position yourself somewhere that the customer can find you, talk about you and have good experiences, and if you work on providing these experiences and connecting with clients it is a good opportunity for those that make that change. And I consider BBVA to be part of this big change. So I think it is an opportunity for us because you then kind of differentiate from other banks.

What will the bank of the future look like?

I think there will be very rapid financial services provided by platforms and banks that have opened their APIs and services to third players, so that you will have an ecosystem of players like FinTechs and all the financial services providers that are creating experiences for clients. I see that it’s going to change a lot, because it’s all about the platform being open and you know regulators are allowing, with the new regulations, third players to come on top and provide customer experiences.