Pipeline Defects & Flaws

Pipeline Defects & Flaws Training Course | Fleming

Join the Pipeline Defects & Flaws training and gain an overview of the tools and technologies available to inspect high pressure pipeline at the different stages of their life.

Operation and Maintenance of Large ASTs

Operation and Maintenance of Large ASTs Training Course | Fleming

If you own or manage large, steel AST’s then this class is for you. It promises to be a highly interactive 3-day course that will allow you to understand that tanks can operate as more than just “a storage device for your product”.

Masterclass Technical Safety Management

Masterclass Technical Safety Management Training Course | Fleming

The purpose of this 3-day training course is to highlight the safety life cycle pathway from initial major accident hazard identification through to long term sustained and safe operation of a process where a safety instrumented system(s) provides a layer of protection.

Downstream Oil & Gas Water Management

Downstream Oil & Gas Water Management Training Course | Fleming

The course is presented by independent consultants, well recognized in the petroleum industry, who have travelled the world to provide assessments of water systems and treatment options and who are well updated on the latest technologies under development and qualified by the industry.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal Antibodies Training Course | Fleming

This unique 3-days course is designed for advanced persons & specialists in the field of protein therapeutics or participants who have emphasis to jump into this new business field.