Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines Training Course | Fleming

This highly interactive course is designed to introduce operations and maintenance personnel to the maintenance procedures of the turbine support systems required to attain high levels of availability and reliability from the gas turbine.

Rig Selection & Inspection

Rig Selection & Inspection Training Course | Fleming

This course will deliver an understanding of selecting the appropriate rig for well construction operations and the recommended inspection practices prior to and during operations.

Data Integrity in Pharma & Biotech

Data Integrity in Pharma & Biotech Training Course | Fleming

his practical course provides an in-depth understanding of data integrity in a GMP context and brings clarifications on regulatory requirements as well as the examples of common data integrity issues reported by FDA and EU inspections.

Advanced IVIVC Professional

Advanced IVIVC Professional Training Course | Fleming

Join Advanced IVIVC Professional
online live training to understand the selection of most appropriate data to establish IVIVC.

Well Integrity Management

Well Integrity Management Training Course | Fleming

This 4-day master-class seminar will provide a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the discipline of well integrity, and discuss in detail how we can achieve it effectively and efficiently during the design and operational phases, as well as after wells are abandoned.

Clinical Outcome Assessments

Clinical Outcome Assessments Training Course | Fleming

This interactive course is recommended for those who have experience in clinical trials & patient engagement and wish to develop their skills on how PRO measurement is best implemented to advance patient care.

Pipeline Defects & Flaws

Pipeline Defects & Flaws Training Course | Fleming

Join the Pipeline Defects & Flaws training and gain an overview of the tools and technologies available to inspect high pressure pipeline at the different stages of their life.

Operation and Maintenance of Large ASTs

Operation and Maintenance of Large ASTs Training Course | Fleming

If you own or manage large, steel AST’s then this class is for you. It promises to be a highly interactive 3-day course that will allow you to understand that tanks can operate as more than just “a storage device for your product”.