Well Completions and Interventions

Well Completions and Interventions Training Course | Fleming

This course uses 4 online half-day modules to provide an in-depth introduction to well
completions and interventions for the oil and gas industry

Quality & Regulatory Requirements for Biosimilars in the EU

Quality & Regulatory Requirements for Biosimilars in the EU Training Course | Fleming

The Quality & Regulatory Requirements for Biosimilars in the EU online live training aims to create a deeper understanding of why biotechnological products – and as a consequence biosimilars – are a unique product category and what aspects have to be considered in R&D and Drug Regulatory Affairs.

Materials and Corrosion in Well Engineering

Materials and Corrosion in Well Engineering Training Course | Fleming

This interactive course is intended for materials and corrosion specialists, well engineers, production technologists, and other disciplines involved in well design and operations in the energy related sectors.

Subsea Production Systems

Subsea Production Systems Training Course | Fleming

This class will give a very comprehensive overview of the subsea production systems, which is an extremely important part of any oil and gas offshore development, including design, installation, control and operations, along with the deep dive to flow assurance and the latest developments in subsea systems technology such as subsea processing and subsea boosting.

Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion Under Insulation Training Course | Fleming

Dr Clare Watt and Dr Steve Paterson provide this training and cover the latest industry knowledge, guidance and innovation in management, design, prediction, detection and monitoring.

Wet-Gas Flow Measurement

Wet Gas Flow Measurement Training Course | Fleming

Join the Wet Gas Flow Measurement online live training led by Dr. Hans R.E. van Maanen to understand the physical mechanisms of how liquids effect the gas flow rate measurement.